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NFB reveals board members of new major contractors group

Vinci, Henry Boot and Stepnell have been named as board members of the National Federation of Builders’ new major contractors group.

Formation of the new body was announced in May, alongside a statement that it was being set up to represent firms who are members of the NFB and have a turnover of £40m or more.

Stepnell joint managing director Mark Wakeford is set to chair the board which also includes Vinci divisional director Gary Nunn and Henry Boot operations director Tony Shaw.

Deeley managing director Martin Gallagher and Wildgoose Construction executive chairman Jonathan Wildgoose will be board members.

Mr Wakeford told Construction News that the first issue the group is set to tackle is reducing carbon emissions within the industry.

“We really need to get main contractors, who are the gateway to the industry, on board with addressing how construction will deal with the carbon net zero challenge,

“We have gone to speak to a wide range of bodies who aren’t major contractors on this issue too, and we’ve come together as a sort of self-help group that can pick the brains of the industry,” he said.

An NFB spokeswoman said that the aim of the new group is to “share intelligence, improve government understanding of larger construction businesses and find solutions to current barriers to housebuilding and infrastructure within the industry”.

Mr Wakeford said that it will be different from other trade bodies because it can provide “real solutions” for the industry.

“The contractors around the board table will tell you that there is no forum that is providing a collective wisdom to tackle some of these industry issues, particularly one with its feet on the ground and its aspirations in the air.

“Like the [existing part of the] NFB, we are a group that wants solutions on the table, rather than just hot air and talking. There are things the industry should be starting to get to grips with now and we will give some direction to main contractors in the industry.”

A Vinci spokesman said: “The position of the NFB and therefore the [group] fits with the view that Vinci takes as a group regarding promoting construction as a career, as a force for social good, and creating the built environment we need in a sustainable manner.”

The spokesman said the new group will allow a more collaborative approach to construction and that it will “use its power as a group of major contractors to carry weight and influence” to promote a better sharing of learning and best practice.

Currently, over 30 contractors have signed up to the new group, which will officially be launched in November.

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